Tonya's Reserve: Prime Black Angus Beef Restaurant Supplier & Wholesaler


Tonya Huwa consistently strives for excellence. With years of experience in the industry, she is one of the small number of women ranchers improving the cattle business. The difference in her approach can be tasted when supplied with her steaks for your restaurant. As a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a fourth-generation rancher, Tonya carries on her family’s work in Colorado and is taking it into the future. Whether delivered to your local steak house or straight to your door, Huwa Ranch sets out to fill your table with our high-quality cuts of Prime Black Angus Beef.

A Prime Black Angus Beef Family Tradition

Tonya first became interested in ranching with her grandfather — a man with a sharp eye for excellence and the ability to look at cattle and find the best by sight alone. This is a crucial skill for a top-notch meat wholesaler. His skills and dedication while selecting Prime Black Angus Beef were an inspiration to his granddaughter, Tonya. Tonya has made Huwa Ranch one of the most respected restaurant meat suppliers. She is a mother of five, raising her children on the same land she raises her cattle.


Personal Touch and Intimate Care

Tonya and her crew personally oversee their herd from birth. Their grass-fed and corn-finished cattle thrive on fresh Colorado water, grass and corn. This diet makes a huge difference when compared to other meat wholesalers. Ultimately, proper cattle care is the most important aspect of a high-quality meat delivery service. Not all meat suppliers are alike, and that personal touch makes a world of difference in regard to providing natural beef to restaurants.

Experience the Remarkable Flavor of Tonya’s Reserve

The cattle at Huwa Ranch are cared for intimately, fed wholesome diets and treated with dignity. Unlike some restaurant meat suppliers, this endeavor isn’t just about Prime Black Angus Beef; it’s about sharing the best from our family to yours. Our staff carries out duties the right way. You can taste the difference between an average meat supplier and us. Our dedication to our herd ensures that when steaks are delivered for your restaurant, you’re getting passion in every cut, which we pass on to our customers with our beef service. Experience the remarkable flavor of Tonya’s Reserve — sold exclusively to high-end steakhouses.


We Serve Only the Best in Prime Black Angus Beef

When it comes to enjoying the most flavorful and high-quality beef at home, nothing compares to Huwa Ranch. The production of natural beef for our customers stands at the center of our family and community values. At Huwa Ranch, you’ll get some of the finest Prime Black Angus Beef in the industry. Our team treats customers like family and takes pride in offering a wide variety of quality cuts that are ready to be enjoyed by anyone who loves grass-fed, corn-finished beef. We hope you share our perfectly marbled and flavorful Prime Black Angus Beef with friends and family, as well as groups large and small.