Prime Black Angus Beef Cuts


We proudly offer a wide variety of gourmet Prime Black Angus Beef cuts. At Huwa Ranch, our high-quality natural Prime Black Angus Beef is unrivaled in the industry. From premium steak to juicy short ribs, our exceptional cuts of grass-fed, corn-finished, gourmet beef can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates the taste of well-cared-for beef.

Gourmet Beef Cuts at Your Door

All our pristine cuts of Prime Black Angus Beef undergo a rigorous 28-day, dry-aging process to ensure the best quality. At Huwa Ranch, we like to think of customers as part of our large, extended family, so we aim to serve them only the finest gourmet cuts of beef. For exceptional taste, our herds are grass-fed and corn-finished.

A Family Tradition of Raising Prime Black Angus Beef

We are proud to be a family owned and operated all-natural beef company that offers Prime Black Angus Beef products raised on a 100-percent vegetarian diet, without any antibiotics, hormones, and are steroid-free. While we value our traditions and experience in ranching, we have embraced advances in the field to improve our practices and our ability to raise the highest-quality herd of Registered Prime Black Angus cattle.

Cattle Raised to the Highest Standard

Only 7 percent of all beef produced in the country is rated Prime. At Huwa Ranch, we are proud of the fact that our beef is consistently rated eight to 10 times higher than that. We care deeply about our herd by giving our cattle large amounts of room to roam and graze.

Experience the Remarkable Flavor of Natural Beef

At Huwa Ranch, we are propelling ranching into the future while not forgetting our past. We are one of the few ranches conducting 100-percent DNA testing to ensure maximum flavor and marbling. We continue to develop our understanding of ranching to guarantee our beef tastes amazing. Using only superior and reliable genetics in our herd, we’re able to breed multi-trait excellence and consistently produce the highest quality natural beef.

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We Serve Only the Best in Prime Black Angus Beef

When it comes to enjoying the most flavorful and high-quality beef at home, nothing compares to Huwa Ranch. The production of natural beef for our customers stands at the center of our family and community values. At Huwa Ranch, you’ll get some of the finest Prime Black Angus Beef in the industry. Our team treats customers like family and takes pride in offering a wide variety of quality cuts that are ready to be enjoyed by anyone who loves grass-fed, corn-finished beef. We hope you share our perfectly marbled and flavorful Prime Black Angus Beef with friends and family, as well as groups large and small.