Kylie's Reserve: Buy Natural Ground Beef Online for Delivery


Kylie grew up on Huwa Ranch and enjoyed Prime Black Angus Beef her whole life. She really loves our Prime Black Angus ground beef. Her favorite dinners are burgers and tacos made from our high-quality natural beef. The second child of five, Kylie helps Tonya care for the cattle and knows how important it is that they provide high-quality lives for their herd.

A Company with a Generous Spirit

For the highest-quality grass-fed, corn-finished ground beef, choose Kylie’s reserve to create delicious meals that your family and friends will love. To match Kylie’s generous spirit, we reinvest our proceeds from our ground beef delivery into our community as well as organizations that help children with different challenges and unique abilities.


Kylie’s Custom Ground Beef

Knowing it’s Kylie’s favorite, we helped her create a custom ground beef from our delicious and well-marbled natural Prime Black Angus Beef. Kylie’s Reserve is tender, flavorful and perfect for meals at home. Kylie’s Reserve is one of the best options for perfect tacos or steakburgers. For those who need bulk ground beef, Kylie’s reserve is great for large events when you want to share the experience of an excellent, flavorful beef to a crowd.

High-Quality and Colorado Raised Cattle

We think everyone should have the opportunity to experience the highest-quality Colorado-raised beef. We take pride in sharing what our family enjoys at our ranch with other families through ground beef delivery. Our ground beef service at Huwa Ranch makes this all possible. If you’re a restaurant that wants to serve tasty Prime Black Angus ground beef, bulk ground beef is also available. Plus, you can take comfort that your purchase goes to help community efforts and support children with unique abilities and challenges.

We Serve Only the Best in Prime Black Angus Beef

When it comes to enjoying the most flavorful and high-quality beef at home, nothing compares to Huwa Ranch. The production of natural beef for our customers stands at the center of our family and community values. At Huwa Ranch, you’ll get some of the finest Prime Black Angus Beef in the industry. Our team treats customers like family and takes pride in offering a wide variety of quality cuts that are ready to be enjoyed by anyone who loves grass-fed, corn-finished beef. We hope you share our perfectly marbled and flavorful Prime Black Angus Beef with friends and family, as well as groups large and small.