Learn More About Huwa Ranch

The direct result of Tonya’s close care and attention to her herd is the production of tender, perfectly marbled, flavorful steak. When you enjoy beef from Huwa Ranch, this attention can be tasted in every bite. Marbling is the biggest factor for flavor and tenderness in beef; it also gives the highly desired buttery taste associated with quality beef. The Angus cattle at Huwa Ranch are pasture-raised, grass-fed and corn-finished. They are never given any hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Our Prime Black Angus is dry-aged for 28-days to enhance flavor and increase tenderness. Once you taste our beef, you’ll never want beef from anywhere else.

Generations of Great Ranching Tradition

At Huwa Ranch, we are propelling ranching into the future while not forgetting our past. We are one of the few ranches conducting 100-percent DNA testing to ensure maximum flavor and marbling. We continue to develop our understanding of ranching to guarantee our beef tastes amazing. Using only superior and reliable genetics in our herd, we’re able to breed multi-trait excellence and consistently produce the highest quality natural beef.

The Work Never Stops at Huwa Ranch

Tonya cares deeply about her ranch and herd, and you can find her out there every day, working to produce some of the best natural beef on the market. Her cattle have large pastures where they can graze and roam. She and her dedicated team check on them daily for any sickness or injuries so they can promptly provide the care they need. Tonya’s operation is unique in the industry, as she maintains traceability and sustainability; plus, her herd is with her from the day they’re born. Her personal touch and sincere dedication ensure our Prime Black Angus beef of the highest quality available.

Enjoy the Tender and Flavorful Cuts by Huwa Ranch from the Comfort of Your Home!

Our all-natural prime Black Angus beef is available in limited supply to those looking for a remarkable cut of natural beef with excellent flavor. We offer several exclusive cuts from Tonya’s Reserve to high-end steakhouses, but we also strongly believe that you should be able to have a high-quality dining experience in the comfort of your home. You’ll find a variety of cuts and ground beef available to enjoy at your home.

The Huwa Ranch Difference

The Huwa Ranch difference comes from generations of family agricultural experience, and intimately knowing the land on which we raise our cattle. With such a commitment to quality and consistency, we can assure you that you will enjoy our Prime Black Angus beef.